"The road of bones" is the tenth studio album of this glorious band in prog scene. They usually make a new interesting album every five years but this is their masterpiece since "Subterranea" of 1997. Since that album, the band has changed his  bassist John Jowitt and keyboardist Martin Orford who have been replaced by Mark Westworth first and then by Neil Durant. Although several changes of the line-up Holmes and Nicholls have always been able to make good level standard albums and the last one represents the best quality of their music ever. "From the outside in" starts with rousing riffs and refrains part in a great sweep to introduce the atmospheric and colorful "the road of bones". Durant shows his best value and contribution to the composition, the sound looks after every detail and its ivory keys give strong emotions. "Without walls" is the most progressive and epic of the album and the vocal timbre of Nicholls gives its best. "Ocean" is a beautiful ballad with a lulling rhythm, and enjoy all the upbeat. This would be enough to close a superb album but the IQ want to give a second album (for a  "limited edition CD") of other great music (rhythm section in evidence, "Ten Million demons" and "Hardcore" above all).
Best tracks: ALL tracks!  9/10