A Fourth album after Wetton's return, who was replaced by John Payne during his long and successful stint in the band. Just as the predecessors,  "Gravitas" is also a good album in full Asia Style, a kind of melodic and rousing rock where there are the beautiful vocal lines of a great Wetton at his best, the rhythmic section is more obvious and the keyboards are limited to enhance rather than to tow. These are the emerging elements rising from the album with the contribution of  a young skilful guitarist, such as Sam Coulson,  who replaced the legendary Steve Howe, being busy with the YES.  The disc starts with the pulsating and engaging hit single "Valkyrie". Then the beautiful "Gravitas", that  besides including a moving progression of piano notes supporting beautifully the piece, also compels a final guitar solo of an extraordinary Coulson! "The closer I get to you" contains vocals like Yes style, "I would die for you" was retrieved from the suspended archives (1986) and finally successfully created, "Joe DiMaggio's glove," is a ballad with a refrain not to forget.
Best tracks: "Valkyrie", "Gravitas", "Joe DiMaggio's glove". 7/10